Insufficient protection from the sun at a young age increases the risk of skin cancer
 Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention published a study showing that it is impossible to neglect the protection from the sun, even at a very young age.

Research scientists have spent the Medical School of the University of Brown University. 20 years, experts engaged in the collection of data on the incidence of skin cancer. It has been studied more than 100 thousand people from 14 different states.

The results of the study suggest that the risks of skin cancer increases by 80% if aged between 15 and 20 years had the test cases of sunburn (at least 5 cases of burns).

How to regard these results? After all, we can not turn back the clock. It's right. However, we can already do a lot for our sons and daughters. Do not forget to protect their skin by means of having a part of SPF.

Author: Julia Gnedina