Oil for hair "nourishing elixir" of John Frieda
 Frizz Ease, at present, is the world's leading line for curly hair. Experts Hair Care John Frieda for many years studied the problem of unruly curly hair and a good understanding of their characteristics and needs. They have developed customized solutions that make curly and unruly hair of any kind more beautiful and manageable.

Oil for hair "nourishing elixir"

Designed specifically for unruly curly hair

 Oil for hair "nourishing elixir" of John Frieda

It nourishes the hair and prevents them from breakage and tangling, making much more healthy and well-groomed. Enriched with Argan oil, for extra moisturizing agent restores the hair, making them more manageable, easier installation.

Application:   Apply a small amount of oil on wet or damp hair and distribute evenly over the entire length, from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair to create a smooth and healthy locks. Dry hairdryer.

Is it safe for hair exposed to staining and chemical attack.

Made in the UK

Estimated price: 755 rubles. (100 ml)

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova