Summer means for the legs of Caudalie
 This summer, the brand Caudalie is news that will help your legs look perfect.

1.   One of them - repackaged this year Cream for beauty legs   (690 rub.). He kept the same formula, but it has gained design line for the body, which appeared in an updated form this winter.

Composition:   the active ingredient Vinolevure - strengthens and moisturizes. This molecule is derived from the walls of wine yeast and water holding capacity in excess of its volume more than 100 times, strengthens the immune defenses of the skin. Oil grapes - rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, has nourishing and regenerating properties. Shea butter, red grapes.

 Summer means for the legs of Caudalie

This delightful balm with rich texture intensely nourishes the skin of the feet without leaving a greasy film. Thanks to a refreshing and relaxing composition, this cream provides instant comfort legs. The skin becomes supple and soft.

It recommended to anyone who wants to provide a nourishing and relaxing foot care.

2.   Other - Divine legs   (1520 rub.) - Tinted cream for feet (fluid texture). It gives the skin tone instantly. Good moisturizing, easy to wash off in the shower and has a fragrance line Divine (notes of vanilla, musk and roses).

 Summer means for the legs of Caudalie

Its features include:   Divine cream foot cream you are not ashamed to show legs, because they are impeccable. It's better than tanning or claws. Divine Foot Cream   - A toning fluid with a light texture that can provide a natural look of the legs golden tan as after a rest in warm countries. Fluid has a weightless, barely perceptible texture, it effectively moisturizes the skin, gives it softness and smoothness. This is an easy way to become beautiful, whenever you want, and just 1 minute.

Author: Anna Shustrova