Footballer Lionel Messi became the ambassador of Head & Shoulders
 The famous footballer Lionel Messi, already has experience of successful cooperation with Head & Shoulders in several countries, has now become after strong brand in Russia. The captain of the Argentina national team, player of the Spanish "Barcelona" and winner of the title of best player in the world will act a guide ideas of confidence, and to participate in social projects.

Confidence - the most important quality that helps to win victories not only in sports but in all spheres of life. And when success has been achieved and it is time to celebrate it, a sense of confidence necessary for a comfortable and easy communication. However, even such a small detail, like dandruff, can cause a serious blow to confidence, to prevent the concentration of the works and the rapprochement with people. Shampoo Head & Shoulders Menthol refreshing 2-in-1 allows men to be confident in the continued freshness and excellent condition of hair and scalp, providing 100 percent freedom from dandruff and thorough cleansing. If there is no cause for concern because of the appearance, feel, confidence is much easier!

 Footballer Lionel Messi became the ambassador of Head & Shoulders

Lionel Messi: "In order to feel confident, do not need much. Quoting myself up, I only use the most basic: deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo - of course, Head & Shoulders. Before the match, I have to concentrate on the game, and after - to take a shower, change clothes and relaxed and plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and of universal unity, exciting, and players and fans. To be sure of his own appearance, stay focused and easy to make contact with people makes sense of confidence, which gives men Head & Shoulders ».

In the role of brand ambassadors Lionel Messi Awards ceremony held Confidence Head & Shoulders in Barcelona. Footballer presented awards to children who demonstrate courage and perseverance in the battle against serious diseases and overcome them without losing confidence and positive outlook on life. Communication with the idol inspire children, reminding them that the main thing - never give up. "I fought intensely to fulfill his dream of becoming a football player, and now needs to put more effort, consolidating and building on the success by staying in the game. I know how important confidence towards any life goals - and I want to share this philosophy with the people, especially the youth "   - Said Messi.

Lionel Messi pays serious attention to charitable activities: he has his own foundation, which works on behalf of children with cancer and other diseases, and receives sponsorship Head & Shoulders brand in cooperation with the player.

 Footballer Lionel Messi became the ambassador of Head & Shoulders

About Lionel Messi

Argentine soccer player born in 1987, in favor of the Spanish club "Barcelona", is the captain of the Argentina national team. Winner of many honors and awards: Olympic champion, world champion among youth, a multiple champion and winner of the Spanish League, voted the best player in Europe and the world, has repeatedly won the "Golden Ball" and "Diamond Ball".

Author: Anna Shustrova