Fragrance David Beckham Classic exclusively by Oriflame
 Eau de Toilette David Beckham Classic offers a new look at the classics. Spicy woody-citrus scent, embodies the unique style of the world famous football player, will be the perfect finishing touch for the modern man who chooses the classics. For the first time in the Russian toilet water David Beckham Classic exclusively in the catalog Oriflame.

David Beckham is known for his impeccable sense of style and is a recognized symbol of masculinity of the XXI century in the world. Pledge its undeniable appeal lies in the ability to create trends, combining classical imagery with modern trends. He feels at ease in everyday manner, and in a perfectly cut suit, when the whole world, with bated breath, watching his every move.

Eau de Toilette David Beckham Classic   It reflects the impeccable style and bright personality David. The invigorating mix of gin and tonic chord, lime and galbanum creates a fresh sound. Spicy and pungent aroma of cypress, nutmeg and mint, awaken the senses. A mixture of warm woody notes and completes the molecule ambermax refined elegant composition.

"I have my own style that reflects my personality. Eau de Toilette Classic - an expression of my style, modern manly fragrance, which I hope will please everyone " - Shares his impressions of flavor David Beckham .

The elegant design of a bottle of eau de toilette David Beckham Classic   David is a reflection of personality. The unusual shape of a cylindrical glass bottle decorated with a relief pattern of diagonal lines, which creates a tactile effect, which want to feel again and again. The scent of amber color is visible through the transparent glass, creating a warm aura. Smooth silver lid creates contrast and adds a bottle of modern masculinity. The final touch - David Beckham logo on the front side of the smooth glass bottle, which is the name of the athlete, written in large print, on the last letters are carved circle. Bottle David Beckham Classic   enclosed in elegant black packaging, decorated with the same pattern kostyumnym "herringbone" and the name of the fragrance, as well as the inscription «presented by Oriflame Sweden» - «Exclusively for Oriflame."

 Fragrance David Beckham Classic exclusively by Oriflame

Author flavor Aurelien Guichard (Aurelien Guichard) shares his impressions of the new fragrance with a trendy concept David Beckham Classic   and cooperation with the football legend:
"Creating a fragrance, I wanted to reflect the result of a real man's character and strength of the successful and stylish person, such as David Beckham. The toilet water David Beckham Classic combines wood, citrus and spicy elements. Sparkling top notes of the tonic, spicy and soft wood median chord - in the loop. I believe that the flavor has turned stylish and ideal for a man who knows how to seduce. "

Talking about the new toilet water, David Beckham   He says: "I'm the most that neither is an Englishman - I like to dress in the traditional English style, but at the same time, I also have their own individual style. Smell plays an important role as it sets the mood. And I think he's finishing touch image. My new toilet water David Beckham Classic - a classic, but at the same time courageous flavor that is fully consistent with my style and, in my opinion, like any man. "

Type of aroma: woody, fern

Top notes of the chord gin and tonic, lime, notes galbanum
Notes of the "heart": cypress, nutmeg and fresh mint
Train: Texas cedar, ambermaks, vetiver

Eau de Toilette David Beckham Classic

The symbol of modern masculinity, David Beckham is a symbolic fragrance. Contrast sound wood, citrus and spicy notes combined with a gin and tonic chords reflect impeccable taste and elegance of the world-famous footballer. 60 ml.

Price: 1720 rubles.

Eau de Toilette David Beckham Classic   exclusively represented in the catalog Oriflame from June 2, 2014 to March 28, 2015.

Author: Anna Shustrova