Madonna presented her own line of skin care products (VIDEO)
 In February it was announced that the singer Madonna is launching its own line of cosmetic products for skin care. Funds were named - MDNA Skin Care Line. And now a celebrity has released a video in which she presents novelties.

55-year-old Madonna appears in a stylish black-and-white movie. It's still shocking, it highlights their sexuality and draws his incredible self-confidence.

Madonna chose the 12 words that characterize her makeup: «Transformation. Enigmatic. Substance. Connection. Revolution. Spirit. Intuition. Magic. Mystical. Ambition. Infinity. Immortal ». These terms can be defined creativity and style of the Madonna, is not it? Mysterious revolutionary, magic, mystery, infinity, immortality ...

 Madonna presented her own line of skin care products (VIDEO)

The new line is composed of three products:
- Chrome Clay Mask (clay mask)
- Skin Rejuvinator (skin cream)
- Serum (serum).

At the moment, new items are sold only in Japan-made beauty company MTG.

Author: Julia Gnedina