Miranda Kerr will be the face of the new fragrance from Escada
 Supermodel of the German House of ESCADA invited to cooperate. Now it will be brand new fragrance called «Joyful» (joyful).

Miranda Kerr is related to the world of beauty for a long time. She is the face of Clear Haircare, has its own brand of cosmetics, which is produced in Australia, writes books about caring for themselves. And now he will face a completely new perfume from the prestigious brand.

Kerr told the publication People that can not imagine myself without fragrances. "I like to sprinkle perfume on the ends of the hair. I also always add a little flavor to the clothes: I am pleased to enter the room and leave it easy trail its flavor "- Miranda admitted.

The new scent from Escada Joyful released this fall. Miranda said that new smell reminded her childhood, when she loved to try different spirits of his mother. "For a long time I could not find a smell - says the model. - In his youth, he enjoyed oils: blended rose and sandalwood. " But now Miranda, it seems, has found its favorite perfume. It will be Joyful. Kerr said that would not promote a fragrance that she does not fit.

 Miranda Kerr will be the face of the new fragrance from Escada

  Photo: Escada

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina