Best design Steamcream 2012 established Russian artist
 The winner of the design contest in 2012 was the Russian Steamcream artist Nelly Makeeva. Steamcream announced the launch of a jar-winner Light from Space in October this year.

Of the hundreds of ideas submitted from around the world, this project has passed all stages of a careful selection of team Steamcream Led by the chairman of the jury - artist Lisa Milroy from the Royal Academy of Arts. The judges liked the muted colors and abstract shapes used in the design of Nelly and challenge team of technologists Steamcream For the transfer of air and watercolor texture pattern on an aluminum jar.

Nelly professional artist lives and works in the small village of Nikel, Murmansk region, the village is located in the far north of Russia and adjacent to Lapland.

As an artist, Nelly draws its inspiration from the surrounding nature. In the Far North, and proximity to enterprises, mining nickel, familiar landscapes are transformed into "moonscape". Nelly collects pieces of dead trees, long and patiently hand-grinds them, peering into the grain pattern, joining with it in a creative dialogue, from which the work of art is born. The project is a jar of cream Steamcream So close to nature, Nelly decided to put a message for all concerned the nature of the people and support their hope "Light of the Cosmos" .

 Best design Steamcream 2012 established Russian artist

Why not let the jar design Steamcream   from Nelly Makeeva "Light of the Cosmos"   do your makeup light and your kozhusiyayuschey. Steamcream   It contains all the necessary ingredients to moisturize the skin, relieve irritation, and the infusion of oats for many centuries been used as a bleaching agent for alignment and tone naturally.

Steamcream   spared no means to buy natural ingredients such as orange flower water, lavender oil, cocoa butter, the infusion of oats   and Rose Absolute Made of thousands of rose petals, gathered at some point, to get the most natural aroma. So that your skin will always feel full of life.

Also, Steamcream   It was inspired by a desire to bring the maximum benefit to the skin, non-causal environmental damage. Mark guided by the principle of green production "Reduce, reuse and recycle" Using the ingredients are not tested on animals, as well as buy them only from reliable suppliers - all this puts Steamcream   a high ethical level.

Each design jars Steamcream limited edition. As soon as the party sold, jars are unique, collectible objects.

 Best design Steamcream 2012 established Russian artist

Steamcream   aims to identify and support new and famous artists all over the world as the founder of Victoria Taydman says: "Their contribution will help us to maintain our project eclectic, make it global, including all artistic styles and tastes."   Every year since its launch, Steamcream   It offers customers the opportunity to create your own design jars and print it to the world. New competition for the best design Steamcream, launched this month, so why not come to this information creatively and do not submit your sketch for jars Steamcream!

Author: Anna Shustrova