Charity Action Fund The Body Shop "Vote smile"
 100% of the profits from the sale of Butter Lip Pitahaya in The Body Shop stores transferred to the accounts of 3 Russian charities that have passed preliminary competition on the basis of several criteria of the Foundation for The Body Shop Foundation.

What is unique about the campaign?   At the time of purchase, you can choose Russian non-profit organization that would like to send profits from the sale of oils lips, dropping a special badge in the ballot box.

These funds will be distributed between the three organizations in proportion to the results of your vote:
1 by the number of votes - 50% of profit
2nd place - 30% of profit
3 place - 20% of profit

Charity campaign "Vote smile" was launched in stores The Body Shop September 7, 2012. With your help, we managed to collect 2,247,750 rubles for 11 months (September 2012 - July 2013) in favor of 3 Russian charities: Foundation for the promotion of education of orphans "Big Break", Foundation for the Protection of Animals "BIM", Charitable Foundation "Biodiversity Conservation Center" (BCC).

For funds Fund "Big Break" paid service teachers who are for 1220 academic hours preparing orphans to surrender June exams in Russian language, mathematics, biology and sociology.

Fund "Bim" bought 915 bags of dry food for dogs from the shelter.
Fund "BCC" actively preparing teaching materials and aids for the annual action "March of Parks" and is working to create educational games "Animals Russian forest".

New Poll

It's time to lend a hand to other charitable organizations!

From August 9 to October 31, 2013   in Russian stores The Body Shop will be a new vote! You will be able to choose a new organization, the account which will be credited with the proceeds from the sale of Butter Lip Pitahaya in the period from August to December of 2013.

New members of the charity campaign The Body Shop:

1. Charitable Foundation "Help the homeless dogs";

2. Regional children-youth organization promoting sports and recreational riding and hippotherapy (RDMOO) "Flёna";

3. Regional public organization in the field of ecology, environmental, cultural and environmental "rubbish. More. No."

 Charity Action Fund The Body Shop Vote smile "

Join in the charitable campaign The Body Shop «Vote smile" - together we can change the world for the better!

Author: Anna Shustrova