The secret of perfect hair Olsen sisters
 Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen - known American actress, twin sisters known so that they can look at 100% upon application of a minimum of effort. Their personal hair stylist Mark Townsend (Mark Townsend), opened the main beauty-secrets twins.

Mark Townsend argues that the effect seemed especially disheveled, but at the same time, well-groomed hair is achieved through dry shampoo That twins are actively using. At the same time, the sisters are by nature slug wavy hair, creating curls so special is not necessary.

It is also the biggest secret of the sisters Olsen - use this rule not more than 5 pins (pins)   hairstyle. And their stylist Mark Townson, it strictly observes.

27-year-old actress often experiment with hair dyes. To keep hair in good condition, used Olsen homemade leave-in conditioner Which for them makes them manually stylist. The tool includes coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil   and vitamin E . Stylist insists Olsen applied to the air conditioner on your hair before swimming, and every time in the sun.

 The secret of perfect hair Olsen sisters

Author: Anna Shustrova