Olivia Wilde - the face of three fragrances by Avon
 Just recently it was announced that the actress has become the new face of a popular brand of cosmetics. But the surprise was not even that, but the fact that Olivia will present just three fragrance from Avon.

The trio of fragrances Today, Tomorrow, Always (Today, Tomorrow, Always) exists since 2004. In 2013, it decided again to release well-known fragrances with Olivia Wilde in the title role. Such a gift makes a mark for themselves and their admirers in the year of the 10th anniversary of the brand.

Today - floral honey aroma, Tomorrow - the aroma of exotic woody notes and Always described as fresh, romantic scent with creamy woody and musky notes.

Olivia is happy to work with Avon, she speaks about it: "I am honored to be a partner of the Avon. The collection of fragrances, which I represent - is a real classic, but with a modern and fresh sound. "

 Olivia Wilde - the face of three fragrances by Avon
  Olivia in the new advertisements

Each of the trio of flavors will be priced at $ 30.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina