Expert №1 in Germany will hold a barbecue show presentation
 The exhibition EXPO 2013 German BBQ grill guru, expert number one in Germany for a barbecue - Andreas Rummel will show a presentation of the Canadian brand Napoleon, who recently appeared in the Russian market.

Andreas Rummel   He won a series of competitions and set several world records. He is passionate grillerom, behind which - 20 years' experience in gastronomy and professional specialization grillera - 10 years, during which time he participated in the famous TV show, barbecue, seminars, fairs and exhibitions devoted to barbecue. Today Andreas is the most popular BBQ chef in Germany and is well known throughout the world.

This German grill guru has its own know-how to prepare a variety of foods and dishes from the grill. Every year, he goes in a cycle of 200 TV programs, in which he teaches the audience a variety of cooking food on a barbecue, using different methods and possibilities to the maximum grills. He always encouraged his audience not only delicious creations and creative recipes, offering new ideas. Even the best chefs are fascinated by his creations and skill. Andreas is always watching out for new trends and innovations.

By testing new grills and equipment, Andreas helps manufacturers improve and develop its products. A c 16 - 19 September   at the exhibition BARBECUE EXPO 2013   in "Expocentre" the maestro will conduct a tasty barbecue grills presentation Napoleon, who for the first time will present the official and sole distributor of the brand - the company "Euro-Grill".

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Canadian "Napoleon" in Russia - for the first time at the exhibition EXPO 2013 BARBECUE

 Expert №1 in Germany will hold a barbecue show presentation

The exhibition BARBECUE EXPO 2013 for the first time in Russia, the company "Euro-Grill" is the only official distributor of the Canadian brand Napoleon, present coal and gas grills that company.
Brand Napoleon maintains high standards of quality and performance. The company's products are popular all over the world, thanks to advanced technology, high reliability and harmonious design.

In addition, almost all gas grills Napoleon are equipped with infrared burners, each of which are located thousands of tiny holes, the flame of which is absorbed by the ceramic surface. This surface is heated instantly and as a result the temperature reaches 850 degrees! The result is obvious - you get a juicy and flavorful dish for significantly less cooking time!

 Expert №1 in Germany will hold a barbecue show presentation

 Expert №1 in Germany will hold a barbecue show presentation

Meet Napoleon brand, please visit the "Euro-Grill» - and 16-19 September in "Expocentre" at the exhibition EXPO 2013 BARBECUE.

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Author: Anna Shustrova