Aromas of freshness: Dove Go Fresh news
 Dove is a novelty in the line Go Fresh: Cream shower gels "plum and cherry blossoms" and "figs and rose orange" with a special formula Nutrium Moisture * and cream-soap "Fig and petals orange" composed by ¼ of a moisturizer.

New tools are not only well cared for skin and provide it with a deep ** food, but also give a delicious freshness, allowing to surround himself with an aura of delicate fruit and floral aromas.

More than care: fragrant fun

Women know that taking care of themselves - it is not just taking care of the skin, but a real ritual, which elevates mood and helps to enjoy a sense of its beauty. Daily using cleansers with caring components, we want to receive from them a double effect: benefits for the skin and bright positive emotions. That's why most women often choose for themselves cosmetic products with various pleasant fragrances!

 Aromas of freshness: Dove Go Fresh news

Care and freshness: the perfect combination of Dove Go Fresh

New products from Dove Go Fresh line designed to pamper your skin every day with tender care, and feelings - delicious fresh flavors. Cream shower gels contain a unique set of caring and moisturizing ingredients Nutrium Moisture *, and cream-soap consists of a ¼ moisturizing cream. Therefore, agents gently cleanse deeply ** nourish skin, leaving it smooth and velvety. Cream Shower Gel "plum and cherry blossoms" has a gentle calming scent of ripe plum and cherry blossoms, which brings a sense of comfort and harmony. A gel-cream and cream-soap "Fig and orange petals of" exquisite delight juicy flavors of fig and orange blossom, charging energy and vivacity.

 Aromas of freshness: Dove Go Fresh news
  Aromas of freshness: Dove Go Fresh news

Try fresh taste!

* Complex gentle cleansing, deep (within the epidermis) nutrition and hydration of the Dove.
** Within the epidermis.

Author: Anna Shustrova