Bombshell Forever Eau de parfum from Victoria's Secret
 In 2010, appeared in Russia a long-awaited fragrance by Victoria's Secret - Bombshell. The story continues: In a new product line Bombshell - perfume water Bombshell Forever.

Before you sensual, but at the same time fresh composition - rare in perfumery. As soon as you inhale the first notes Bombshell Forever , Your imagination immediately draws sultry blooming garden: it is fragrant lavender, citrus fruit trees and juicy berries. The warm musky scent is doomed to success, because it glorifies femininity. How, by the way, and supermodels - "angels" Victoria's Secret   - Women of unearthly beauty, representing the brand products.

Nowadays Bombshell Forever   exists in a concentration - Eau de Parfum. For you, this means that the precious aromatic substance is about 15-20% of the total volume of the vial. And this is more than enough to Bombshell Forever   I stand on your skin and hair all day and sounded equally expressive and in the morning and evening.

 Bombshell Forever Eau de parfum from Victoria's Secret

You want more? You can always enhance the flavor, if nanesesh on the body of the means of bath line Bombshell Forever   - Perfumed spray or lotion.

The collection includes Bombshell Forever:

Eau de parfum 50 ml Bombshell Forever 2450 rubles
Bombshell Forever Eau de parfum 100 ml, 3,250 rubles.
Perfumed Spray 250 ml 1350 rubles.
Perfumed Body Lotion 200 ml, 990 rubles.

In the perfume pyramid Bombshell Forever   You will find notes: boysenberry, lavender   and Grapefruit .

On sale since July 10, 2013

Author: Anna Shustrova