Novelties line Diademine «Main program»
 The world-renowned cosmetics brand Diademine - a recognized expert in the field of skin care - is an updated series Diademine «Main program». New this series began washing cream with white tea and vitamin C Diademine «Main program» and dermatological soap!

Daily cleansing and comprehensive care - these are the main secrets of the beauty of the modern woman! Diademine «Main program»   specially designed as a series of effective basic tools for all skin types and all ages. Innovative products "Main Program"   will make the skin smooth, fresh, velvety, radiant health. Thanks Diademine   modern women have a unique opportunity to give your skin a comprehensive daily care, enjoying the process and the result of not applying for this special effort.

The series Diademine «Main program»   includes cleaning and care means meeting the needs of all skin types, and special anti-aging product line.

Series products contain pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, UV filters, as well as natural ingredients that care for skin: prevent the loss of elasticity, appearance of first wrinkles and provide a healthy complexion.

Daily use tools "Main Program"   save your skin from the signs of fatigue and contribute to its strengthening. The skin will return a healthy, glowing look, smooth and velvety.

New Products Series

Delicate cream cleanser with white tea and vitamin C Diademine «Main program»   gently cleanses the skin of impurities, helps to remove make-up water balance. The result is visible at once - after washing the skin is fresh and radiant. The cream is ideal for daily use.

 Novelties line Diademine «Main program»

Recommended price: 205 rubles.

Dermatological soap with almond oil and avocado "main program".   You no longer have to be afraid of dry skin using soap! New from Diademine water balance, helping skin stay smooth and well-groomed. The soap is suitable for both face and body. Almond and avocado oils provide nutrition and hydration, gently scraping the skin.

 Novelties line Diademine «Main program»

The recommended price of 95 rubles.

In a series of "Basic program" consists of 15 funds for different skin types.

Author: Anna Shustrova