The contest "Summer cool" on
 That summer, want the most? Abhor the urgent need for a vacation, cool and pleasant temperature of the water in the sea, lake or river. Also otodvinu dreams mineralochki and delicious, cold spring water, and think again. Holodnenkogo, priyatnenko ... ice cream! Closer, but not only! Ice cream, ice cream, jelly, mousse ... Here is a partial list of delicious cold dessert.

So, new culinary competition! At this time, we offer the participants to prepare a summer desserts. Ingredients - not specified, the cooking time - too. One requirement - competitive desserts should be served chilled, as this is exactly what is required in the summer.

The winner will receive a gift   multivarku Philips HD3037

 The contest "Summer cool" on

22 temperature and 12 functions for cooking recipes of varying complexity, and provide an amazing variety of home cooking! With the new Multivarki home even possible to prepare yogurt.

Attention! The contest will last for only two weeks, so hurry home to cook and delight!

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Author: Anna Shustrova