Sensational new product from ORLY: Shade Shifter
 Unprecedented opportunities for the realization of the most creative ideas in the nail-art gives a sensational new tool for nail - gel nail-thermoeffect Shade Shifter from ORLY.

The drug is applied on top of any color gel nail polish Gel FX Then begins to change color depending on the temperature. With its increasing manicure, which has been coated Shade Shifter It becomes lighter, magically emphasizing natural color polish. When the temperature drops - lacquer becomes darker tone.

 Sensational new product from ORLY: Shade Shifter

At great length effect Shade Shifter   even more fascinating, because in the heat or cold responds only body of the nail, and therefore, the color of the free edge always remains the same.

Shade Shifter   presented in a compact display of 15-gel lacquers thermoeffect (9 ml)   - A single color.

Author: Anna Shustrova