Women with tattoos are perceived by men as a more affordable
 Do you have a tattoo on the lower back or ankle? Did you know that even a small tattoo can be understood by men is not, as you would like?

French psychologist Nicolas Gugen conducted several studies and came to a sensational conclusion: men perceive a tattoo on a woman's body as an inducement to more affordable sex (study published in Psychology Today).

In general, the study suggests that men find women with tattoos less attractive, and perceive them as promiscuous. As a result, women with tattoos are experiencing more frequent offers of sex from men.

Studies psychologist to observe the behavior of men and women on the beach. For women with tattooed man came to meet friends more often. Even to those who had a tiny tattoo "butterflies" in the lower back. However, expectations of men from these dating were certain they had hoped for a more affordable sex. With women without tattoos men too familiar, but they had to wait for their Cavaliers longer we approached them 11 minutes later, and with more serious intentions.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina