You are prettier than you think: the unexpected results of the experiment Dove
 New video Dove is rapidly gaining popularity - chances are you've already seen it in social networks. This video is about the unusual socio-psychological experiment devoted to the paradoxes of the women's self-esteem and essence of true beauty.

The eternal theme: the beauty - in the eye of the beholder?

For many years, Dove drew the attention of society and, above all, women on how they perceive and assess their appearance. Brand research showed that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful! Surprisingly, the most severe criticism of her own beauty - ourselves. However, according to whether surrounding us? What they see us? It helped to understand the new project Dove.

A good experiment sketches of real beauty

Dove has invited the experienced policeman portrait painter who used to create thumbnails based on the oral testimony of witnesses. He painted two portraits of several women seeing their models. First, they describe the artist's own appearance, and then it was done by other people. In the first case, the focus was different disadvantages prominent chin, full face, big mouth. Outside observers, on the other hand, pointed sparkle in the eyes, cheekbones sharp, sweet smile. The resulting images are very different: to "self-portraits" faces look tense and not very attractive, and sketches from the words of others - open and nice.

Results and conclusions: women is to love yourself!

Participants in the experiment were amazed when they saw the portraits and realize how critical their self-esteem does not correspond to the view from the side. This gave them and all of us a reason to think that a woman has the sense to appreciate its natural beauty and a positive attitude to their appearance, notice its advantages - to be happy, successful dealing with people and feel the inner harmony.

Author: Anna Shustrova