A new collection of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"
 For every woman spa treatments - a special magic, after which the skin and the hair is smooth, well-groomed and full of life. Many women complain that a similar effect can not be obtained at home. Or is it possible?

Moisturize - that's what most women wait on spa programs for hair care. * 46% of them consider the most important benefit of moisturizing spa treatments. After the spa, women also want to see your hair healthy (86%), bright (56%) and smooth (33%). Only hair, saturated with moisture, possess all these qualities.

Wherein excess moisture is not always beneficial for the hair. As a result of many years of study of various structures of hair researchers of Pantene Pro-V noted an interesting paradox - if the hair is getting too much moisture, they may look even drier than before.

A new collection of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"   - A new approach to hair care that every day gives them the hydration, after the spa treatments. The secret of this transformation - the right balance of moisture. Scientific experts Pantene Pro-V studied the lipid layer of the hair and proved that it is lipids play an important role. Losing the lipid layer of the hair lose natural protection and become dry and brittle. Means of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery" is not just moisturize the hair, they help to keep the hair the necessary moisture and then "lock" it in the hair and prevent its evaporation. Immediate effect and moisturizing ** twentyfold even the most dry hair - Pantene Pro-V takes up the challenge!

"Dry hair needs moisture effectively, but excess water can be fatal for them as well as its weakness. Moisturizing ingredients help to dry hair to stay smooth, respecting the natural balance of moisture - both inside and outside of the hair " - Says Mike Davis (Mike Davis), employee of the Research Institute of Pantene Pro-V.

 A new collection of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"

The new collection of tools for hair care Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"   includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and two-minute deeply moisturizing souffle. Their incremental use at home - it is a real spa-ritual, after which the hair looks really cool.

Step 1. Shampoo Pantene Pro-V "Hydration and Recovery."   It uses a patented polymer technology that supports the natural protective function of the lipid layer of the hair, so the hair retain moisture inside. On the surface of the hair to create a thin lipid film, which does not allow moisture to evaporate. Shampoo acts on the hair as well as moisturizers for skin, retaining their protective barrier. With the new shampoo even dry hair look healthy and well-groomed.

 A new collection of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"

Step 2. Air Pantene Pro-V "Hydration and Recovery."   The new formula of the air conditioner keeps the lipids on the surface of the hair. It contains the binary system active cationic active substances (BTMS and DCMC), fatty alcohols and amino silicones, which are structurally similar to the natural hair lipids.

 A new collection of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"

Step 3: A two-minute mask Pantene Pro-V "Hydration and Recovery."   Its rich formula nourishes the hair hydrophobic moisture and simulates the natural lipid layer of the surface of the hair to keep the moisture inside. Keeping her caregiver polymer (BTMS), a mixture of fatty alcohols and a high level of silicone and amino acids improves the lipid layer of the weakened hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

 A new collection of Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery"

Pantene Pro-V «Hydration and Recovery" knows all about how to achieve the perfect balance of moisture to the hair looked like after a visit to the spa salon.

* Research conducted in November 2009, market research agency Ipsos among 1,000 women.
** Use of shampoo, conditioner and a souffle in comparison with the use of only one shampoo.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova