The new trend of makeup - mascara-free
 New York Week presented the new trend of the season Fall 2013, which is already worth a closer look. This mascara-free, or eyelashes nude. A simply - no mascara on the eyelashes.

The idea was supported by the make-up artists impressions Altuzarra, Thakoon, Theyskens' Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, DKNY.

Makeup artist Diane Kendal team Nars, who worked on the show Thakoon, said that for a long time practicing mascara-free: «I think that a person without mascara looks more modern." And he continues: "If you use eye liner, apply it very close to the lash line, then that's enough, you already stressed lashes and the liner slightly tints the cilia at their base."

Maybelline makeup artist Charlotte Willer for the show DKNY proposed a model one layer of clear mascara. "The face looks cleaner, models do not look like a doll" - she explained its decision to abandon the black mascara.

At the shows 3.1 Phillip Lim, Altuzarra, Theyskens' Theory absence carcass was due to the fact that the makeup artists were required to allocate as much as possible to submit to the lips or eyelids pure color.

 The new trend of makeup - mascara-free

Diane Kendal concludes: "Many girls fixated on the fact that they can not go out without mascara. But now it ceases to be relevant. "

Do you like the idea to abandon the carcass? Please try?

Author: Julia Gnedina