Care anti-fat and moist sheen of VICHY
 VICHY Laboratories and gamma NORMADERM - expert care problem skin represents a novelty - the first care against fatty and moist sheen NORMADERM Total Mat.

Shine - a problem that bothers every third woman in Russia to 40 years. But not only the shiny oily skin! The second reason is the light - perspiration. That it occurs during exercise, stress and adverse weather conditions such as heat and humidity.

The sharp alternation of heat, cold air and the warm dry indoors, stress and poor diet leads to hypersecretion of glands and as a consequence to increased sebum.

Perfect Care against against greasy and wet shine   should permanently absorb sebum and absorb sweat. Gel with powdery texture neutralizes all the reasons shine.

Thanks to the active ingredients perlite   and mikropudre   NORMADERM Total Mat gives a feeling of freshness and provides a matte finish to your skin all day!

Perlite   - A natural ingredient of volcanic origin, has powerful absorbent properties. Perlite molecule, selected from the 80-absorbing molecules, absorbs moisture in 3 times its weight and accelerates the evaporation of sweat. Perlite is 5 times more effective than talc.

Mikropudra   - Immediately and permanently absorbs sebum. It has the effect of "blotting paper".

Salicylic acid   - It has excellent antibacterial and exfoliating properties.

 Care anti-fat and moist sheen of VICHY

Light fresh gel. Powder texture. It is absorbed instantly, matiruya and moisturizing the skin.

Price: 916 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova