Le Petit Marseillais Mimosa: a piece of the sun on your skin
 In early spring, I want to feel it more easy gentle touch. To do this quite a bit. Use a new shower gel "Mimosa» Le Petit Marseillais. It will give you a feeling of happiness, thin refined aroma of fluffy yellow flowers that resemble small suns, and hundreds like them filled with the warm, it will make your skin soft and moisturized. Scientists have proved that the essential oils of mimosa ideal for anyone, even the most sensitive skin, and even they are calm, help to relax, relieve stress. It is no accident in France is called the solar plant a tree in honor of his suit masquerade and floral procession.

Shower Gel Le Petit Marseillais «Mimosa»

• is based on time-tested recipes and natural formula APLE;

• quick and abundant foam gently caresses the skin, cleans it;

• gives a feeling of freshness throughout the day and hydrates the epidermis;

• neutral pH is ideal for all skin types;

• sparkling floral fragrance is retained on the skin for a long time;

• sold in a new, environmentally friendly packaging;

• hypoallergenic;

• dermatologically tested.

 Le Petit Marseillais Mimosa: a piece of the sun on your skin

Result:   Your skin is soft. It is well moistened, and you feel fresh throughout the day.

The price of 60 rubles.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova