NIVEA Men: Load up your hair at full power!
 Strong sex is inherent in a healthy pragmatism, which extends to the range of cosmetic products - men prefer funds that provide the most effective care, easy to use and meet their expectations.

Experts at NIVEA Men in Hamburg comprehensively studied men's hair characteristics and preferences of the stronger sex in the field of hair care. results of studies formed the basis of the formulas from Shampoo NIVEA Men.

NIVEA Men 2 is a line of shampoos for men:

1. for daily care
2. Anti-dandruff

In terms of structure, both male and female hair is not different from each other. Other factors are responsible for the difference. Women often wear their hair long, regular paint them, do perm or at least a simple installation. Chemical and mechanical impact, the negative impact of the environment - all of this violates the structure of the hair. Therefore female hair usually require reducing maintenance.

Men have different needs. Because of the intensive work of the sebaceous glands of male hair must be more intensive cleansing. And as an added benefit, most men expect from the effect of strengthening hair shampoo.

"Men's Formula"   NIVEA Men shampoos designed tschetom these requests:

• effectively cleanse the hair and suitable for daily use;

• intensive care for the hair, making them more powerful. Laboratory Tests Tensile shown that after application of these means the hair is more elastic and therefore more resistant;

• provide optimal cleansing of the scalp, do not desiccate it and thus leave a feeling of freshness and purity for a long time.

 NIVEA Men: Load up your hair at full power!

Shampoo "Energy and Power" is designed for normal hair. Oryzanol antioxidant formula with sea minerals and significantly strengthens the hair from the roots and throughout the length and effectively care for them. The shampoo is suitable for daily use. Its regular use helps to make hair strong and healthy.

Author: Anna Shustrova