Palette c Liquid Keratin: a new formula of beauty
 In February 2013, even the most cherished dreams will come true! Thanks to the new cream paint Palette with liquid keratin can change colors as often as you want, and be sure that your hair will stay well groomed. Due to its high-performance formula the new product not only completely fills the gray hair, gives the hair up to 50% more in-depth and unprecedented lasting color, and looks after them. Protection from fading ensures that gorgeous shade will keep for weeks after staining.

Human hair of 88% is composed of keratin, and the lack of this protein leads to a deterioration in the appearance and health of hair. The unique formula Palette with liquid keratin   up for this deficiency, so it is now fashionable women no longer have to choose between beauty and healthy hair.

Palette with liquid keratin   It allows to achieve the maximum intensity of color and up to 100% due to the gray painting in paint color enhancers, color pigments providing deep insight into the structure of hair. The new formula guarantees 50% more multi-faceted, vibrant color, unsurpassed durability and shine. The liquid penetrates deep into the keratin structure of hair, it enriches lipoproteins and creates a protective layer around it. Hair returned to its natural health, become softer, obedient, strong and shiny.

 Palette c Liquid Keratin: a new formula of beauty

The two components - a coloring cream emulsion and manifest - allow a few minutes to get gorgeous hair color. Thanks to a special formula Protection from fading   the resulting shade will keep the intensity up to 28 times hair washing. Also, now showing the emulsion is presented in a new package - stylish bottle will last for a few sessions delicate staining procedure.

In addition to the updated formula Cream Palette   please its fans a stylish new package design, as well as flavor, has incorporated the notes of violet, black currant and jasmine.

The line counter cream paint Palette with liquid keratin   submitted 32 shades of cream stand   - From bright and bold "Fire Red"   to classic "Light blond" . Each shade is unique and is designed to emphasize the mood and character of its owner. With Palette cream you can get the desired color premium at an affordable price!

Author: Anna Shustrova