Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"
 Not far off February 23 - an excellent opportunity to feed favorite men tasty and good carbohydrate foods and at the same time make a gift not only for them but themselves. The company "Mistral" to your attention a new contest recipes cereals.

The contest "Cereal maneuvers" gives you the opportunity to compete in cooking recipes, containing different cereals. The recipe must use different types of products TM "Mistral", confirming this photo. Making military entourage welcome.

What will be assessed?   Filing and registration of dishes, serving, original recipes, are relevant to the competition.

Required condition:

- In the recipe to be used product TM "Mistral"   (buckwheat, semolina, barley, wheat bulgur, couscous, millet, rice, wild rice - on the user's choice), it is necessary to confirm a step by step photos. The options are listed on the product page of the company's products "Mistral". Figuring other brands in the photographs and in the description of the recipe completely excluded .

Contestants who posted 5 or more recipes, receive a guaranteed prize.   All recipes must fully satisfy the conditions of competition and the rules of the project Povarё Guaranteed prize of one per participant. Basic and guaranteed prize may overlap.

Recipes are accepted from February 1 to February 28, 2013 (inclusive).
The competition results will be announced: March 11, 2013 .

For the winners of the company Mistral   provided the following prizes:

1st place - multivarka Chef One Stadler Form

 Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"

Power: 800 W
Number of programs: 12
Russified display
Touch Control
Function readiness for a specific time
Material pan: Anodized aluminum c non-stick coating Daikin

2nd place - bakery Baker One Stadler Form

 Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"

Power: 615 W
19 programs, 5 degrees zazharivaniya
Touch control panel
3 sizes of baking
Window with backlight control process
The dispenser of fruits and nuts
Delayed start up to 12 hours
LCD display with visualization of the stages of cooking
Recipe book included

3rd place - stationary mixer Mixer Two Stadler Form

 Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"

Power: 480-500Vt
Control: Electronic
LCD display
Number of speeds of nozzles 12
Max speeds bowl 2
Mode "Pulse"
Material bowl: stainless steel
Cup capacity: 3, 6 L
Number of nozzles: 2
Instruction includes adapted recipes

4th place - Juicer Juicer Three Stadler Form

 Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"

Power: 1250 W
The filter basket with a central double blade and fine mesh filter for ideally pure juice and maximum efficiency Spin
The wide feed chute, suitable for downloading large fruit and vegetables
Robust motor with sealed bearings - guarantee continuous operation and effective Spin
The system of protection against accidental discovery unit for juicing provides security while working
2 Spin

5th place - stationary blender Blender Five Stadler Form

 Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"

Power: 1000 W
Volume of the bowl: 2 liters
Infinitely adjustable speed:
1000 rev / min to 20,000 r / min
Speed ​​of the blades & gt; 300 km / h
PULSE mode
Bowl of rugged polycarbonate
All-metal auger Connect
The engine Johnson (5-year warranty)
Unique knives

Guaranteed prize: a mixer Mixer One Stadler Form

 Contest recipes "Cereal maneuvers"

Power: 300 W
Electronic control
Number of speeds: 5
Turbo mode
Housing material: plastic

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Author: Anna Shustrova