New professional line of hair Vidal Sassoon Pro Series
 Procter & Gamble announced the launch of new products in January 2013. The company's website to see the new professional line can be had from December 2012.

Vidal Sassoon - world-renowned stylist, hairdresser legend. Russian women are known products under its name from the time of perestroika, when Procter & Gamble brought to Russia Vidal Sassoon shampoo for the mass buyer. Now comes the professional line and Vidal Sassoon. There will be three large groups of assets:'s Skin, styling, dyeing. A total of 20 new products for hair. Prices range from 2, 49 to 8, 99 USD. Initially, the new line will be sold only in the United States.

The famous British master Vidal Sassoon died of leukemia six months ago. His name is associated with a real revolution in the beauty industry. He owns the idea is not only new hairstyles and hair styling, but also a new approach to washing and conditioning hair.

Photo above - Vidal Sassoon at work

Author: Julia Gnedina