New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
 High gloss on the lips - the idea back in force! An entire collection of lip gloss: glossy shine with a guaranteed effect 3D! 7 and the brightest hues needed - more power to the beginning of the season.

New shines Phyto-LipGloss   from Sisley   - A complex history: they have all the experience of the brand in skin care, so elegant bright lips "immersed" in a cocktail of protective and restoring components. Melting softening active ingredients are added volume and shiny gloss.

The complex forming a brilliant coating with a volume effect, melting texture, gel system, ultra-pure pigments in special envelopes ... to gather all the coating has turned Super elastic, light and airy, sensual and uniform, and particularly emphasized the beauty of the convex lip.

The colors are different because of the depth and brightness of pigments that are "suspended" in glossy gel base and envelop the lips without creating stickiness.

Oil esters with a maximum light reflectance added to the effect of "plump lips."

Comfortable, melting and very fine texture on the lips of almost imperceptible, forget about it in a cloud of refreshing flavor notes of fresh mint and tea leaves.

 New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley

As part of gloss:

Padin pavoniki extract (kelp) Stimulating the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, particularly hyaluronic acid.

These macromolecules are synthesized from the "inside", retain water and create at the level of the dermis water supply, which naturally increases the effect of volume.

This approach, developed by Sisley, based on the impact from the inside as opposed to now offers options for external filling.

Fitoskvalan (extract of olive oil), canola oil Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and sunflower oil   provide softness and comfort. Lips incredibly soft.

In addition, the lip Phyto-LipGloss   from Sisley   provide:

* Protection:   natural tocopherols with antioxidant - vitamin E;

* Healing and relieve irritation:   Shea butter;

* Attractive:   Kockum oil used in Ayurvedic medicine against cracks on lips and hands.

Shines Phyto-LipGloss represented graphically in a clear simple rectangular case with a logo on the metal lid Sisley. The wealth of bright color is revealed fully.

7 colors

1 - nude - natural;
2 - beige rosé - beige-pink;
3 - rose - pink;
4 - fushia - fuchsia;
5 - bois de rose - Rosewood;
6 - rouge - red;
7 - brun - brown.

 New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
  New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
  New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
  New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
  New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
  New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley
  New shines Phyto-LipGloss by Sisley

Author: Anna Shustrova