Culinary Competition "Following the end of the world" on
 We invite everyone to take part in an interesting culinary competition. Dedicated to the end of the world and it is one of his attributes Russian - buckwheat. Yes, everything about him but about him, about the end of the world. And as has already been forgotten, but no, I remember sometimes. Especially when some Especially impressionable hostess stocked with salt, matches, candles, vodka, buckwheat in vast quantities. And some have not forgotten about the soap and rope ... But, who is on that count. So, we propose to help such mistresses. No, do not use soap and a rope to the destination! We are still good people, it happens sometimes ...

We offer users of our website to come up with recipes with buckwheat. The three winners of the competition will please Book Julia Vysotsky "Bun for Lyolik. Home Recipes " . But as dishes with buckwheat - it is easy for a culinary competition, it must be in the design of the finished dish to use the attributes of the end of the world - salt, matches, candles, vodka. As an option for the most creative - soap and rope. All, of course, not necessary, but the use of at least two attributes - is necessary.

 Culinary Competition "Following the end of the world" on

Permanent host of the popular TV program "eat at home" Julia Vysotsky invites readers on a fascinating journey into the world of culinary memories and iconic gastronomic discoveries.

For each recipe shown in the book "Bun for Lelik" , It is a story, whether it is an early childhood memory or a description of a romantic rendezvous with her future husband, Andrei Konchalovsky. Who was Lyolik? Everything is very simple. The so-called little Julia her mother. And all that my mother cooked on weekends, regardless of the recipe and configuration, called the buns. With them, it all started ...

The recipes submitted to the competition must be present buckwheat. As the main ingredient or as a supplement to the main dish. Materials in which buckwheat is only used for decorations will not be counted.

The style and form of presentation of recipes depends on the imagination of the author. Not limited to the recipes themselves. These can be main courses, first, sweets - everything you want to cook out of this useful product.

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Author: Anna Shustrova