Glow by Jennifer Lopez
 Word Glowing reference to Jennifer Lopez has always had a special significance. Most experts dermatologists say skin J.Lo model natural glow and brightness. The appearance in 2002, the fragrance Glow (Light) has beat reputation as actress and singer, and as the popularity of the star (which applies light from the planet), and women with perfect skin and hair, for which the epithet "Glow" is a professional.

This spring, J-Lo continues to operate successfully found the theme of light and release a new fragrance Jennifer Lopez Glowing, which can be translated as "shining", "light-emitting". And in fact, the new Glowing - a continuation of the fragrance in 2002 Glow.

Sama Lopez says of the new product: ¬ęGlowing - a clean scent. I do like the clean smell of soap. But what I created 10 years ago, I added the woody notes. In essence, the new Glowing - it's more earthy and natural smell, flavor shady forests. " Critics also say the new smell as a sexual and feminine.

If characterize the composition, it is a floral-woody-amber thing. Top notes - bergamot, mandarin, cypress. "Heart" includes accords of orange blossom, lily of the valley and acacia flower. Rounding out the flavor base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, shaded musk, amber and vanilla notes. The composition also includes violet, one of the favorite flowers of J. Lo, which is why the bottle is painted in purple.

 Glow by Jennifer Lopez
Promotional image of the fragrance Jennifer Lopez Glowing

The fragrance will be released in the form of Eau de Parfum (30, 50 and 75 ml) and body lotion. 50 vials and 75 ml have a backlight that lights up for 15 seconds after pressing the lid.

 Glow by Jennifer Lopez
Aroma 2002 Glow

Author: Julia Gnedina