Immediately after the birth of Jan Rudkovskaja sat on kefir diet
 Yesterday, in his Twitter recently given birth Yana Rudkovsky, the wife of Evgeni Plushenko, she admitted that she almost starving and drinking a yogurt - all in order as soon as possible after delivery to return its former weight - 50 kg. Below are quotes from Twitter Yana:

"I sit on a strict diet for a week, after the birth of the village, only drink kefir and eat low-fat yogurt, has set a goal-to return to its weight by 1 February!"

"To say that it is difficult - to say nothing, every day lose 400-500 grams, the way our baby today is the first anniversary - 1 week old!)"

"Well, throw another 6 kg, and it will be exactly 50! How, then, in the old days! For us - it's like a piece of cake!"

"What unscrupulous journalists, once wrote about surrogacy because I sat on a diet, read prof. Books, well, what kind of dirt is not ashamed of people is a happy event, and you are around you can see the catch, come up to me Trailed stomachs! We wish you a pass dispantserizatsiyu, and still be kind to write such a shame! "

However, as shown by comments on the Internet, very few believe that Yang gave birth to herself. These suspicions have arisen during pregnancy Jana when she wore high heels and continued to actively participate in social events. Now, when postpartum Rudkovskaja immediately sat down on a rigid diet, suspicions even more aggravated.

Eugene and Jan's son named Alexander, also called the home of his affectionate nickname Dwarf Gnomych. They say he is very similar to the pope.

 Immediately after the birth of Jan Rudkovskaja sat on kefir diet

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Author: Anna Shustrova