Waxing bikini save from parasites
 Another reason for the lack of follow up of hair in the bikini area. It turns out that passion Brazilian Waxing can be very good for your health.

Bloomberg News reports that, in countries where waxing the bikini area is popular, there has been a healthy trend. People get rid of the vegetation in the bikini area, and say goodbye to pubic lice. It was first noticed clinical specialists in Australia, they say they have not seen cases of pubic lice since 2008. These conclusions are made and British doctors.

Brazilian waxing became popular recently. In the US, the year 1994 referred to the beginning of the boom of Brazilian hair removal. And now more than 80% of young people from the student environment make themselves Brazilian hair removal in the pubic area, including men. It says the portal Bloomberg.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina