Anna Milyaeva - the new face of the brand BaltazarCherry
 In October, the debut of Anna Milyaeva, fitness expert, Miss Sports 2012 in the role model. Anna became the face of months of promising young Russian brand of women's clothing BaltazarCherry.

On the catwalks are still dominated by thin, as if woven from torches, models with sharp knees and unhealthy thinness. Many of the girls to maintain demanded forms, turn their lives into hell, consisting of strict prohibitions and restrictions monstrous that cause irreparable harm to their health.

Designers BaltazarCherry consider such unacceptable sacrifices and consider their mission to form a new image of the model that will be close to the appearance of ordinary girls who live next to us. For all their hits BaltazarCherry designers personally selected models and beauties give preference to the forms. All items from the collections of the brand rasschitanyna the fair sex, not hunger plaguing himself and leading a normal life.

Zaven Vardanyan, BaltazarCherry:

"The modern fashion is very demanding for women. What 50 years ago it was considered a delicious dimpled thighs now considered cellulite. Therefore, striving to meet the ideals, the girls fall under the surgeon's scalpel to liposuction. In an effort to have the luxury of a beautiful breast, beauty is considered the norm today silicone implants. In pursuit of the accepted standards of an epidemic are increasing all the hair, nails, make endless injections, losing identity and its natural beauty. But this is not important. Solarium, beauticians, surgeons, diet cause irreparable damage to women's health, which often has irreversible consequences. "

Couturier believe that a reasonable approach to their appearance, sincere love for herself and correctly choose clothes and accessories allow any girl look like a queen. Luxurious fabrics, designer furniture, natural stones and natural pearls makes a woman dresses BaltazarCherry dizzying refined and luxurious. A classic cut allows good light to show their form and beauty.

 Anna Milyaeva - the new face of the brand BaltazarCherry

Timur Tvalovadze, BaltazarCherry:

"By choosing the face of our brand in October, we quickly chose Anna Milyaeva. Firstly, Anya is very feminine and seductive lines of the body, and secondly, Anna promotes a healthy lifestyle and in their speeches convinces the girls to get rid of the extra kilos are not due to crazy diets, and by proper nutrition and initiation to fitness. Our vision of female beauty is the same and we are glad to cooperate. "

Anna Milyaeva, fitness expert, Miss Sport 2012:

"I am pleased to work with BaltazarCherry, because in this company, I found like-minded people. I am grateful for the opportunity to BaltazarCherry support its ideals and principles. As an ardent supporter of proper nutrition, as a fighter against anorexic models and stars form, I am happy to represent a brand that operates on a "healthy" and the consumer makes all the girls without exception, beautiful, individual and stylish. "

 Anna Milyaeva - the new face of the brand BaltazarCherry

Photo shoot on request BaltazarCherry held company FotoHistory

Author: Anna Shustrova