The contest "Golden Fish"
 "All is not gold that glitters" - this floorboard exactly applicable to such a food product like fish, which, for the content of useful proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids Omega-3 can be called gold in terms of nutritional value.

Site and the company Tupperware - the world-renowned manufacturer of exclusive high-quality cookware premium for the home and kitchen, invite you to participate in a new tender fish dishes "Goldfish".

From October 19 to November 19, 2012   publish in a competitive and inclusive group of "Goldfish" the recipes of fish dishes, photographs illustrate their own authorship, calculated calorie and win great prizes!

The first winner at the end of user voting will receive a prize - Flowing "Turbo"   from Tupperware .

 The contest "Golden Fish"

* With the compact Flowing "Turbo" with a tight cover from Tupperware quickly and easily in a single movement can be crushed nuts, onion, ginger, parsley, garlic and many more!

The second winner at the end of user voting will receive a gift Carousel   from Tupperware .

 The contest "Golden Fish"

* Using the Carousel of Tupperware, you can wash the herbs, vegetables and berries in a colander and dry it in a bowl with a rotating mechanism for a few seconds. Convenient design allows you to drain the water without removing the cover. Furthermore, not only can be washed and dried vegetables, but also for air-tight lid to keep them fresh.

The third winner at the end of user voting will receive a prize - Smart Sarnitsa   from Tupperware .

 The contest "Golden Fish"

* The "Smart Sarnitsa" from kompaniiTupperware® built a special condensate monitoring system TM, which provides storage of several types of cheese in one container for a long time. The air circulates within the "Smart Sarnitsa", providing optimal conditions for storage, and a special membrane prevents odor of cheese in the fridge, and, conversely, the penetration of foreign odors from the refrigerator in a container.

The fourth winner will be determined by the administration of choice, he will receive a gift Cooling trays   from Tupperware .
 The contest "Golden Fish"

* The material of which the cooling trays, resistant to cold and can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees, even at very long storage material does not become brittle or fragile. Container tightly closed preventing the penetration of moisture or odors. The product is indispensable when on the eve of the holidays have to harvest enough food

The fifth winner will be determined by selection of the representatives of the sponsor of the contest Tupperware . The winner will receive a gift Small Charts   from Tupperware .

 The contest "Golden Fish"

* These containers keep food fresh for longer, and thanks to air and moisture-proof cover is possible to take to the road even liquid and know that they are not poured out. The attractive design and the transparent walls of these products are ideal for table.

Read the rules of the contest, take part and win a prize from Tupperware & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Anna Shustrova