Alexander Oleshko - face brand Shamtu
 Actor Alexander Oleshko now represents the brand Shamtu. Alexander went to one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow, where he personally promised attenders that within 5 minutes of their hair will find a dizzying amount.

Alexander led the way to the hearts of fans with his amazing charisma and an incredible sense of humor. For example, his parody of the dozens of well-known people in the transmission "A big difference"   - One of the most funny and compelling in the history of the transmission.

During the years of his career, Alexander Oleshko won the trust and love of millions of viewers, and more than half of them - were women. His career began in 1993, and during that time he managed to pull in nearly 50 films, as well as to become the leading 10 assists, to participate in dozens of charity events. Oleshko - winner of many prestigious awards, such as the theater prize Seagull   or World Fashion Awards .

 Alexander Oleshko - face brand Shamtu

Now Alexander is Oleshko brand Shamtu . Manufacturers have relied on the fact that women trusted Alexander and listen to him, and soon everyone will be able to discover the secret to truly dizzying amount of hair!

Author: Anna Shustrova