CND nails decorated more than 200 Olympians
 The American corporation CND held a unique PR campaign at the recent Olympics held in London. Throughout the Olympic athletes can benefit from the services of nail-coated Shellac, than many, happy, and enjoyed.

For 2 weeks 5 203 athletes from around the world have passed with an innovative coating on CND . Top British manicure spent on this mission, a total of more than 200 hours, using 216 vials Shellac   and 588 - the legendary oil Solar Oil . And it was worth it: With a hybrid paint and gel manicures members of CND Olympics was always on top and helped to achieve your goals!

It is worth noting that at the Olympics most popular shades Shellac   steel bright red Wild Fire   and dark purple Rock Royalty . A favorite nail-decoration athletes was recognized manicure called "Rock star" Combining shades palette Shellac and sequins.

 CND nails decorated more than 200 Olympians

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Athletes of the Paralympic Games, which will be held from August 29 to September 9, will also have the opportunity to use the services of the nail-professionals CND.

Author: Anna Shustrova