The contest "Blitz - recipe"
 Blitz-recipe - a real godsend for the modern women. The rapid pace of life is often simply not possible to devote large amounts of time on cooking, but there is a desire to eat tasty and healthy, with minimal time spent.

Site and publishing house "Eksmo" invites you to participate in a new culinary competition "Blitz - recipe", which is held on our project from 17 September 2012 to 17 October 2012 inclusive. Publish your recipes blitz in competitive group of "Blitz - recipe" , Photographs illustrate their own authorship, calculated calorie, select spent their time preparing and win great prizes from the publishing house "Eksmo"!

Three winners at the end of user voting and 2 winners whose works will be selected by the jury - organizers of the contest will receive a free cookbooks Elmira Medzhitovoy   "The kitchen is my kitchen."

 The contest "Blitz - recipe"

* Together with the creator of the book "Kitchen of my kitchen," you will have the opportunity to look behind the screen, to hide from the public the most interesting and unusual gastronomic secrets of the world of culture. In addition to many interesting stories in the book "Cooking my kitchen" contains more than a hundred new exclusive recipes from Elmira Medzhitovoy. Lovingly collected from all over the world, they are first offered to your attention.

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Author: Anna Shustrova