Tonal new 3-in-1 from Max Factor
 Max Factor is preparing in October surprise - a novelty, which combines just three funds: the primer, concealer and foundation tone.

It's always so difficult - to understand, in what sequence, and what to put where. This product does not cause us to doubt, and all we know about the foundation. Because it can be used exactly as you want.

New Max Factor All Day Flawless 3-In-1 Foundation is in 6 shades, the formula with SPF 20. Provides a long-acting polymers, which do not allow to dry skin of the face during the day. Therefore, in theory, you get the brightness and glow of the skin all day.

Cover - Matt is a bit embarrassed, usually matte formula still dry skin. Apparently, it is necessary to try.

 Tonal new 3-in-1 from Max Factor

Author: Julia Gnedina