Hobbyportal.ru: Contest "Harmony costume"
 Hobbyportal.ru and Fashion House Lidia Soselia invited to the competition "Harmony suit."

You can sew clothes, tie and even weave. But no suit will not look complete without decoration and accessories.

In this competition you will be able to fully develop their talents and design to create a harmonious in all respects suit.

You can apply all sorts of materials, types of equipment and crafts. Use a maximum of decorative elements and accessories, or do not use them at all.

The main thing - to submit to the competition suit, which in your opinion are absolutely harmonious and perfect model, it demonstrates.

5 winners of the contest will receive a free book Galina Mischevskoy "The Passion of beauty. Designers of Russia" by the Fashion House Lidia Soselia autographed Lydia Soselia pages about it.

 Hobbyportal.ru: Contest "Harmony costume"

"Fashion House Lidia Soselia" one of Russia's oldest fashion houses, was founded in 1987 in cooperation with the Swiss partner. Recreate the original look of an old Moscow mansion is actually out of the ruins, Fashion House is located on the 4 floors of it, at 27 Neglinnaya.

Clothing brand "Lidia Soselia" appreciated and loved almost immediately, not only in Russia but also abroad. The first international recognition of the brand "Lidia Soselia" received in 1991 in Switzerland, received a gold medal for his collection. Then there was France, Italy, Germany and wherever the brand appeared Lidia Soselia, keen interest and desire to have in your wardrobe that any collection of brilliant designer.

"The best costume for the woman that does not restrict movement, and allowed to remain stylish and elegant" - so says the artist - fashion designer Lydia Soselia.

With this agreement friends and customers of the brand "Lidia Soselia", among which prominent movie stars and show business, known TV hosts and businesswomen, bankers, politicians, representatives of embassies and state services, creative and business elite.

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