Jubilee concert band "The Blue Bird" - 35 years on stage!
 The State Kremlin Palace
November 29, 2011 beginning at 19:00

The legendary team of 70 - the band "Blue Bird" - this year celebrates 35 years of creative work! November 29 in the framework of the anniversary of the tour the cities of Russia and CIS, VIA "Blue Bird" will give a big concert in the most prestigious concert halls of Moscow - in the State Kremlin Palace. The concert will feature the creators and founders of the team, Robert and Michael Marsh as well as members of VIA "gold" composition of 70-80s.

VIA "Blue Bird" has presented a huge army of his fans have become immortal hits "You do not dream of", "maple", "bitter", "steamers at sea", "I'm going to meet you", "So what are you", "White boat", "Mamin plate"   and many others. Creative team is not indifferent to how the fans with a great experience and are constantly flowing into their ranks of younger viewers. Says band founder, Robert Marsh - "Our songs to some extent the answer to the questions that arise from the audience. And the audience, coming to our shows, often find that they close and clear. "

Over the years the band toured around the world. "Blue Bird" is not only visited almost all European countries, but also in Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Benin, Togo, Angola, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and even the Seychelles.

In 1999, after a nearly 10-year hiatus, at the initiative of one of the founders of the group Alexei Komarov musicians get together again. Specifically to participate in the concert will come from the US, one of the founders Michael Marsh, specially from the United States will come his brother Robert Marsh. On stage will be singer Svetlana Lazarev made after the "Blue Bird" a successful solo career, and many other artists in the "golden part of" ensemble. Musicians full of creative ideas and ready to give their fans all new and new songs.