Life in the cities leads to excess weight, infertility, depression and cancer
 More and more studies show that babies born in the cities, and children growing up in them, are a whole bunch of health problems, which affect their physical and mental condition.

Diseases that provokes urban life, really serious. A growing number of chronic diseases, mental disorders, immune disorders, as well as such major diseases as heart, cancer and even infertility.

In 1900, only 14% of the world's population were citizens. Three years ago, this figure rose to 50%. According to the UN, by 2050, the urban population is already 70%.

And despite the fact that the urban life like bears better standard of life (career prospects, a more varied diet, health, sanitation and comfort), together with the urban life increases the risk of the most serious diseases.

Researchers attribute this primarily to the daily exposure to environmental pollution, beginning in the womb. And it is unlikely in the future, the picture with the environment will be another.

Harm cities is now very actively investigated. And these are just some of the results, it is very scary, I must say:

- High levels of urban pollution provoke premature pregnancies and abortions.

- Children born in cities are generally larger and heavier. But this is not an indicator of health. Fetal overgrowth leads to problems such as obesity, hyperactivity, early puberty, infertility, cancer of the lung, breast and prostate.

- Urban pollution directly affects the main female hormone, estrogen.

- Mother in rural areas are able to give birth to more children than in the cities.

- Urban air pollution interferes with the proper formation of the children in the womb.

- Urban pollutants may cause metabolic changes in infants. These contaminants may lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

- Many children live in cities, all without leaving the countryside. Of about 14%. And it also bears certain threats to their health, especially vision. They have increased the risk of developing a severe form of myopia, and middle age half of them are blind. And yet, children who spend time outdoors, reducing the risk of myopia by a fifth.

- Urban youth are more likely than their rural counterparts, likely to develop asthma and other allergic reactions.

- Young people who are brought up in cities may experience significant levels of stress. This leads to a more probable schizophrenia and other anxiety disorders.

- Excessive sanitation leads to an immature immune system, poor resistance to bacteria.

- People in the city have a problem with the mood is 39% more likely than rural residents. Depression, phobias, panic attacks - also typical of urban disorder.

- Obesity is a serious problem in cities. Public transport, convenience stores, fast food significantly affect it.

But not everything is so terrible and irreversible, dear mother! Did you know that, for example, such as the diagnosis of hyperactivity in children almost passed if take them to the countryside. And just a 20 minute daily walk in the fresh air leads to a significant improvement of attention in children, and address the major health problems.

Author: Julia Gnedina