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"Little lamb" Irene Ponaroshku
Seraphim, the son of a popular TV presenter Irena fun, can rightly be considered the youngest employee of MTV. Every morning, in the company of his beautiful mom he comes into the office of TV channel and patiently waiting for her to perform their professional duties. "I'm trying to be a good mom. But if I manage it, can only say my son, and he is not able to say, "- says Irena. We recently met up with a young and energetic mother and talked to her about life after birth.

Fitness package for expectant mothers
It is known that in the absence of contraindications and normal pregnancy moderate exercise supports muscle tone, improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling, lower back pain, as well as contribute to the rapid recovery of the body after birth. That is why we encourage all expectant mothers do not freeze in the first nine months of your subscription to a fitness club and under the guidance of experienced coaches World Class usefully spend time in the gym.

Maternity at GKB № 7. Happy "Semerochka"
And why is it we have hospital facilities often located so that get to them uncomfortable and by car (due to traffic), and public (due to the same reason, and also because of the distance from the subway)? However, this is a rhetorical question, and no answer to it is not only me but also many other people who happened to be in the number of patients of almost any of the Moscow clinics.

Alain Vodonaeva: Mom-perfectionist
Popular TV host Alyona Vodonaeva calls himself superotvetstvennoy mother. During the first year of life of its son, Bogdan, Alain handle all herself - nursed the baby, preparing healthy food, the clock is selected in the stores all the quality and functionality for the crumbs. His advice to young mommy happy to be done with our readers.

Gifts in the studio!
  New Year's holidays we are waiting for the whole year, but they still come unexpectedly. We all know the situation when, in late December in stores long queues. Agree, it can overshadow the celebration and expectation of a miracle: unfortunately, at the last moment by the arm does not come across anything original or truly desired. Children's Gallery "Yakimanka" help all the visitors to create a Christmas mood and buy the best and most unique gifts and holiday accessories.

Mediterranean on the "Balcony"
That more than anything else want in winter? Of course, experience the atmosphere of the warm Mediterranean, which, apparently, is shrouded in all the metropolitan area of ​​the restaurant   "Balcony" . Comfortable furniture, straw lights, nice music and incredible food shows, because all the stages of cooking taking place right in front of the small and adult palates. On seven islands bake bread, cook the spaghetti, cook the fish on the grill, wrapped rolls, guests are treated to sweet delicacies. And it does not need to go to Italy for a wonderful sunny mood - just climb   "Balcony"!

Also in this issue:   consult an obstetrician-gynecologist, a psychologist, a pediatrician, an overview of shops, Internet sites, company news, events, announcements of children. performances, horoscope column Kitchen, rating the best Christmas trees of the capital, Trends and Close-up.

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Author: Julia Gnedina