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Star Mom 2011
Last year was "fruitful" for star birth. Look at the list of those who got the offspring of last year - there is very often only a star of the first magnitude.

Dmitri Torbinski: the son of a goal, a goal for daughter
In January, the midfielder "Locomotive" and the national team of Russia Dmitry Torbinski preparing to become a dad twice. His wife, the beautiful Eugenia, two years ago, gave birth to a little son Artyom, and soon they will replenish the family's daughter. Despite the fact that giving interviews Dmitry does not like for our magazine, he made an exception and agreed to recall their first experience of fatherhood and lift the veil of secrecy about future plans.

How lucky to give birth?
Every woman wants to be a child in my life was a happy, successful, confident. But not everyone knows that laying all these qualities and, in fact, the fate of the future baby is formed even in the womb.

 Magazine "» № 12-2011 on sale from November 23
 Protection from viral infection
Stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough, fever. And respiratory disease itself does not cause delight. What to say, if it occurs during pregnancy, when a woman is responsible not only for themselves but also for their baby?

Start over: Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Pregnancy - is a sacrament in the life of any woman. Thinking that her body was born a new life, the future mother forced to experience a whole range of different sensations. However, unfortunately, not in all cases, the pregnancy develops successfully sometimes for some reason it happens fade or spontaneous abortion.

The beauty does not require victims
During pregnancy, you want to be very attractive. And like it is time to eat, to take care of herself. Yes, that's the problem: not all procedures in the field of modern cosmetics that are available just a woman, you can apply and the expectant mother. The entire range of services of all kinds of beauty clinics and spas can fearlessly use the expectant mother, and that will have to wait for nine months?

Plus minus - what happens?
Creating a family, young people believe that in the distant or not-too-distant future, they will become parents. And few of them at this point thinks that during pregnancy between the expectant mother and baby can occur confrontation. Meanwhile, Rhesus-conflict, which will be discussed below, and, - a phenomenon occurring is not rare.

The birth of a new
Modern obstetric science has leaped forward. What is generally accepted only 10-15 years ago are now considered obsolete, and many of the seemingly incredible for a long time before it became a reality. And because often young mothers, talking about his birth, saying that imagined it all differently.

Weighty contraception
The problem of excess weight and contraception - these are the two main issues that troubled women, perhaps, at all times. And if the issue of harmony at the beautiful half of humanity was a break for a couple of eras when the roundness of the forms was not only fashionable, but also an indicator of health, protection from unwanted pregnancy - always topical issue. And in the early 70-ies of the last century, with the advent of the first hormonal contraception on women's shoulders fell another problem - the preservation of harmony with this new wonder medicine.

 Magazine "» № 12-2011 on sale from November 23
 How beautiful female breasts!
Her sing poets - ancient and modern. She - a source of inspiration for painters and sculptors. She was always eager to show off, and the larger it is, the more attractive it looks like the owner in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Not a boy, but her husband
With the girls mom like everything it is clear: the same bows, candy wrappers are the same, the same dolls that in his childhood. You do not have to explain that with all that - personal memories and the example is more than enough. But the boys - a completely different world, largely unknown. You can, of course, delegate this task to his father. But first, it is not always nearby. And secondly, in his education, too, can go too far. How to keep a balance and not to harm any child or family relationships?

The immune response
Sometimes allergy masquerades as different diseases. Who would suspect the problems with a small tummy allergic to certain types of products? And allergic rhinitis? The nozzles that beset crumbs can not always detect the immune response to the irritant. That's why an allergy - it is such a horror story for young mothers: everyone knows that it is - it happens, but how to recognize, how to treat and how to protect the baby from her?

 Magazine "» № 12-2011 on sale from November 23
 Fruit Lures
The baby is growing very rapidly. And with it grows and their needs, including food. Not long ago their mother's milk is fully ensured, by six months old baby need new nutrients. And he can get them from foods such as fruit juices and purees.

And in the ears - earrings
In recent years, more and more often you can find little girls that adorn the ears earrings. Parents have many questions. Is it safe to pierce the lobe such young children? Does this procedure for any contraindications? Where to go and how to properly care for the very young fashionistas ears?

Jan Laputina: Rely on professionals!
  Jan Laputina, one of the most beautiful Russian television presenters, a recognized expert in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery at the beginning of the autumn opened a clinic "Beauty time." Exclusively for our readers young mother talked about what the achievements of modern cosmetology helped her to quickly get back in shape after childbirth.

Soft spot.
In most civilized countries in the hospital without a car seat for the baby, you can not even come - if not this useful device, the baby is not discharged. For the safety of children is strictly followed in the United States, Israel, Australia and most European countries. The presence of Russian hospitals avtolyulek nobody checks. Children are taken away on the handles. Parents do not realize the danger they expose their children.

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