One-third of the chief believes that his employee use too much makeup
 So, more than a third of our bosses think that we wear to work too much makeup. The biggest sin chiefs called bright red lips, eye liner too fat and too much rouge.

The study conducted a portal

Lipstick was the least favorite make-up among the leaders. 32 percent of executives surveyed believe that women are too bright shades in the office. 28% called the fatty liner main mistake women make-up of the office, and 15% voted against too bright blush.

However, not all bosses are so hateful to meykapu subordinates, superiors 12% still expressed their support for women who painted the service.

With all of this, when the survey reached the topics that makeup helps women increase the commercial performance of the company (sales and customer acquisition), are the chiefs generally agreed that the use of makeup does not irritate.

Author: Julia Gnedina