I found the perfect formula for the female breast
 British plastic surgeon Patrick Malucci held an unprecedented three-month study, which resulted in the ideal formula derived doctor female breast.

The surgeon came to the conclusion that not every female bust like others. And it is not the size. The case - in the same proportions. Just as the great Leonardo da Vinci brought the rule of "golden section" to the proportions of the human face and body, the surgeon Malucci also introduced a mathematical calculation of the ideal proportions of the female breast.

The surgeon examined 100 female breast female models. He put on a well-known erotic photo site, and after looking at the reaction of (interest in the model, user ratings, views, etc.). In addition, the surgeon questioned their clients. When they asked for the services of breast enlargement, he showed an approximate result, and most choose all the same "perfect breasts".

It turns out that the formula is simple. It is expressed in only a few figures. If you mentally divide the women's breasts horizontal passing through the nipple, the breast should be divided in the following proportions: 45% of the top and bottom 55%. Another observation - the position of the nipple. They must "look" slightly up - or rather, the angle should be 20 to 45 degrees.

 I found the perfect formula for the female breast

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina