Liv Tyler again face Pantene, 15 years later!
 The actress and model Liv Tyler wore his brown hair in advertising Pantene Pro-V back in 1996. And now he returns as the new face of the popular brand. And it's not the only surprise of the Pantene.

Why Pantene Liv decided to return 15 years later? Brand launches a new product line, which was developed last seven years. Home sales of new products - 1 November this year. The peculiarity of the new products - a special study that preceded their creation. An interesting detail: they have been involved microscope, with which NASA experts studied the surface of Mars. In new research, he studied the surface of the hair. After new research experts Procter & Gamble say they discovered "the real secret to healthy looking hair." In general, we are waiting for news and a new image of the popular actress.

Thus, Liv Tyler joins a stellar team Pantene, which recently entered Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts. The very 34-year-old Tyler says very excited to new cooperation with Pantene, and is pleased to return to work with the brand for which starred in commercials when she was still 19 years old.

"I tried a lot of different brands of hair care products, - says Liv Tyler - but Pantene is my favorite, because after his hair look great and are really cool."

Liv advertising Pantene 15 years ago:

 Liv Tyler again face Pantene, 15 years later!

And now:

 Liv Tyler again face Pantene, 15 years later!

Author: Julia Gnedina