What model of jeans now the most popular among women?
 It seems the time when 501-I model of Levi's beat sales records around the world, is long gone. Now women more choice. And what the best-selling model? Online eBay store calculated data of its sales. What do you think, what jeans have become the most popular?

When we discussed this in our newsroom, then we suggested that the most popular models will be tight (skinny) models of elastic jeans or pants so-called boyfriend, universal model that does not require special care and fit the figure.

But we were wrong. Modern girls follow fashion and are not afraid to get rid of stereotypes, trying new models. That study online eBay store testifies. The most salable model are now - jeans «bootcut». For the uninitiated - is necessarily jeans with very long legs, closing shoes, even if it is - high heels. This model leads to a very large margin.

At the same time the least popular are jeans "leg" and wide flared model. Sales data were collected during the period - from August 2010 to July 2011.

 What model of jeans now the most popular among women?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina