What is the new double oil from the Body Shop?
 Since May 2011, this new product will be in the shops Body Shop. And he is to present it to fans of the brand, as well as those perhaps they will, especially after such a great news.

Body Butter - the card of the British brand Body Shop. It is, indeed, one of the most notable brand products. It is estimated that every three seconds in the world of oil sold by Body Shop. So what is it about the new product?

This product is two in one. In the box you will find two sections in the form of yin and yang, each - his product. In fact, the oil will be one, i.e. one grade: vanilla, pink and so on. But in every department - its texture and consistency for different areas of the skin.

In one compartment - a soft, almost butter, which many are accustomed to using the shower to soften and moisturize the body. In another department - a solid oil, almost like a balm for some rough and problem skin: knees, elbows, heels, someone's shin, and so on.

Most of us have it mixed skin, and not just on the face. The body, too - there are more dry patches, are normal. Therefore, the new duo fully meets the needs of the skin.

 What is the new double oil from the Body Shop?

Tastes assumed different: vanilla (pictured - Body Shop Body Butter Duo, Vanilla), strawberries, mango, flower ... Price - about 18 euros. Let's wait, on 5 May premiere.

Author: Julia Gnedina