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 Ch. editor of "" Alina Tulchinskaya "Children grow up, they become narrow last year's clothes, their changing tastes and needs. The same thing happens with our magazine. We felt cramped in the existing framework, I wanted to push the boundaries and so, we hope to become even more interesting and useful to our readers. That's why, starting this month, we will write not only about how to raise children, but also how to prepare for their emergence into the light ...

... Pregnancy, childbirth and do the first years of a child - is a very important and difficult period in the life of a woman. At this point, each of us there is a huge amount of new needs and interests. We will try to answer your questions and give as much practical information. Updated magazine will be your navigator and allow to navigate in "child" Moscow. " Alina Tulchinskaya .

The main role of Alena farmacia
One of the main characters of the "Dom-2", Alain farmacia, to turn his life into a bright screen the show, the audience will remember and now, three years later. TV presenter from Tyumen stand out bright appearance and outrageous behavior. Now Allen, recently became a mother, leads a quiet family life and completely absorbed by the care of the newborn synule. Our conversation began a week before the baby was born, and continued when Bogdan was only 8 days.

Pregnant and sports
Pregnancy - is not a reason to stop the exercise, especially if you're used to an active lifestyle. Adapted physical activity, even in the I trimester not only hurt future mom, but, on the contrary, it will improve the health and prepare the body for the upcoming birth.

Maternity hospital Vidnoe. "This is - the real magic"
Maternity hospital prominent city unique. In addition to receiving the delivery there is women's consultation and prenatal diagnostic center, and besides, it was brought here the most "difficult" maternal southern suburbs.

15th Maternity Hospital. Life is just amazing
In the street with a very unromantic name Sharikoposhipnikovskaya is one of those amazing places that did not reach virtually noise of the big city. Behind these walls is its own rich, unique and multi-faceted life. Rather, Life with a capital letter, because this is where it manifests itself with a loud cry, proclaimed that the light has a new man.

Preparing for sleep
During sleep, the baby strengthens the immune system, restores lost energy and emotional strength. Some simple rules will help you prepare to turn to sleep in a nice ritual that will bring a lot of positive emotions and mother and child.

Stars of laughter and positive emotions
What is laughter? Speaking clever language, it is a complex act consisting of a modified respiratory movements in connection with certain facial expressions. And if very simple - it is a human reaction to something funny or tickling. On the role of laughter in life and how to develop a child's sense of humor, we were told the mother star.

Creative School "Republic KIDS»
Perhaps every parent wants his child to develop fully: perfectly mastered a foreign language, well-written, accurate count, but for all that did not forget about creativity. Fortunately now there is no shortage of such schools and studios. There is only a question of choice, because for their children, we want the best of everything.

Why he does not understand the word "no"?
The second year of baby's life - very important for its development. Learning to walk, crumb by leaps and bounds development of the world begins. And suddenly, his desire to touch everything, try on a tooth, check first hand encounters a parental "no". How to avoid a succession of scandals and explain the meaning of silly restrictions?

Log men are not admitted!
In times of prosperity feminist women fought tirelessly to get equal rights with men. The result was disastrous: the stronger sex no longer see them as beautiful women, and were treated as companions. Years passed, and the women realized their mistake. But re-men, alas, it can not be fast, so it was decided to go the way of creation of the space in which you can feel completely safe.

Also in this issue:   consult an obstetrician-gynecologist, a psychologist, a pediatrician, an overview of shops, Internet sites, company news and events, children's ratings of the Moscow theaters, announcements of children. performances, horoscope column Kitchen and close up.

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Author: Julia Gnedina