Magazine "» № 10-2010
 The October issue on sale from September 23 !!! On the cover - Star Mother Anastasia Grebenkina and in the magazine, as always, a lot of information for mothers, as well as for those who are just planning to become them.

Before delivery
The reason for dating
To live with his "half" a long and happy life with her, you must first meet. But where and how? Do not think that the heroes of the red carpets to find a decent pair of better than us mere mortals.

 Magazine "» № 10-2010

Hormones new life
In the regulation of metabolic processes of life and growth of the human body plays a very important role hormones. A certain portion of them are necessary for the implementation of women's fertility.

Harmful reproduction
The surrounding never tire of repeating the expectant mother: if you want to make a healthy child of bad habits to forget.

Meals on trimesters
Some expectant mothers are very lucky: during childbearing their taste habits are not changed. However, the vast majority of pregnant neponaslyshke aware of toxicity, lack of appetite, the desire to eat "something of such things," though in the most inopportune time. It is believed that the body is dictating its terms in power, it gives a signal about what it vitamins, minerals and other trace elements lacking in the daily menu. Despite the fact that pre-pregnancy taste preferences at women were different, while waiting for their baby's diet is almost the same.

Against viruses and bacteria
The discovery of antibiotics has marked a new era in medicine. Indeed, taking them can significantly alleviate the condition and to help cope with the disease.

All breastfeeding
Remember the nursery rhyme about the fisherman going fishing, "... he took two thousand useful things," and so on? The verdict in this case was simple: "For a good rod for fisherman only need and the river."

Pregnant and sexy
The desire to always look attractive inherent in every real woman since birth. Awareness of their own ability to engage the views of the representatives of the opposite sex gives her confidence. Femininity and sexuality helps constant care and a well-chosen clothes.

Pregnancy? It's time to learn!
Despite the fact that pregnancy - is a natural state for women, programmed by nature, for each expectant mother is unique and unrepeatable. Even if she is expecting a baby is not the first time, her feelings are radically different from the previous ones. And, of course, it always raises a lot of questions that I would like to receive detailed, comprehensive answers.

Women and Technology
Omniscient British scientists assure that in the near future, it is women who will be the main consumers of technological innovations and buyers every gadget.

STAR PARENTS: Anastasia Grebyonkina "Pope also everyone can! "
 Magazine "» № 10-2010
   How many children should be in the family: one, two, how much you get? Or maybe it is not worth bother the birth of an heir, and throw all forces on an interesting job and career? What should be the perfect father and help him to find a common language with your baby? Do I need a child to go to kindergarten, when my grandmother is ready to sit with my grandson all day? All of these difficult questions we discussed with the Olympic champion in figure skating, and a finalist of the "Dancing on Ice" Anastasia Grebenkina. In late June, the charming athlete became a mother, giving birth to her first child Vanya. Now she and her husband, businessman Yuri Goncharov, gnaws granite science and parents are happy to share their observations and discoveries.

Be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth

The birth of "a shirt" spoke as a good sign that brings good luck to the newborn.

Soft, comfortable, home
For home clothes, many do not impose specific requirements. It is rather the legacy of earlier times, when to be a housewife was considered indecent.

Jan Poplavskaja "for fun you have to pay"
In life, we are constantly confronted with a variety of opinions on any subject. To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say with confidence: how many people, so many diets. Traditional and exotic, "star" and the classic, diet by blood group, a separate food - just not what women are hoping to get rid of the hated kilograms! His opinion is divided into famous actress and TV presenter, mother of two children Jan Poplavskaja.

Boundless Learning
Since Peter the Great cut a window to Europe, studying abroad is considered not only more prestigious than the "native", but also more thorough. Send ignoramus learn abroad? Good idea: maybe he's never learned anything, but at least in the language to speak.

Alone, but not lonely
Single moms do not happen - mothers, by definition, are not alone. But there are mothers without a husband, which are so called. Abroad, this practice phased out, using the expression "parent family." We have the same family of mother and child are still called incomplete, and the women who decided to have a baby out of wedlock and without father called loners.

Under the veil

Someday we'll even such a word will not know - "diaper." But while the question of whether or not to swaddle their freedom-loving child, remains one of the most important conversations of young mothers. So how did better roll up your baby, "like a log" or leave dally in a diaper?

Features newborn
Prospective parents are chubby and smiling newborn creature with nice folds on the hands and feet. However, baby, just born, is totally different from kids with magazine covers. And in the first minutes of the meeting this circumstance often makes young mothers confusion and bewilderment.

Meat and fish in the diet of a child
After the first traditional fruits, vegetables and cereals comes the turn and a more "serious" products - meat and fish, which are a valuable source of animal protein, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron) and vitamins.

Manifestations and prevention of allergies in children older than 1 year
Allergy - a phenomenon in our time often enough and many acquaintances. Since these diseases are facing about 75% of parents. Everyone knows that allergies easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore it is very important to know what substances can cause a negative reaction in a child and how you can protect your baby from exposure to them.

Running on an extract
Extract from the hospital takes 3-4 days after normal delivery and 5-7 th - after cesarean section. But warned about the statement the day before, so that the bag with things for the mother and baby should already be ready. What you need to take to extract the baby?

Medical supervision of children 1 year of life
Every mother, taking care of the health of the baby, is sympathetic to the need for visits to the clinic. At the conclusion of the contract with a commercial medical institution doctors can come to the house to visit the corresponding period of time.

Also in this issue:   Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, a lawyer, a pediatrician, an overview of shops, Internet sites, company news and events.

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Author: Julia Gnedina